TRANSP User’s Group Meeting
PPPL, Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08543 USA
May 4-5, 2017 


TRANSP User’s Group Meeting, PPPL, May 4-5


Thurs May 4


8:30 AM  Kaye                 Intro and TRANSP status

9:00        Boyer               TRANSP as a control tool

9:30        Carlsson          SIMULINK/Framework/IMAS update

10:00      Gorelenkova   NUBEAM as an IMAS component

10:30              Break

10:50      Breslau            Fast ion distribution function

11:20      Sachdev          Pellet ablation model update

11:50      Yuan               PT_SOLVER, Multi-impurity transport update


12:20  PM      Lunch


1:30        Ding                TRANSP use/needs for EAST

1:50        Kim                 Statistical validation of predictive TRANSP of JET baseline discharges

 2:20        Rafiq               Advances that might broaden the usage of TRANSP

2:50                Break

3:10        Grierson         TRANSP as OMFIT component

3:40        Fitzgerald       JET OMFIT/ TRANSP use/needs for JET

4:10        Heidbrink       Using TRANSP and FIDASIM to model passive FIDA signals

4:40        All                  Discussion – topic of choice

5:10                Adjourn


Friday, May 5


8:30        Lee                 Status of between-shots TRANSP at KSTAR (remote)

9:10        Tardini            TRANSP use/needs for AUG (remote)

9:50        Keeling           TRANSP use/needs for MAST/MAST-U (remote)

10:30              Break 

10:50      Meneghini       Neural-network based models for the pedestal and transport, and their possible inclusion in TRANSP

11:20      Yuan               Approaches to optimizing NN development

11:50      All                   Discussion on NN


12:10              Lunch


1:15        Poli                 Discussion -  Needs for predictive scenario modeling              

1:45        Grierson         Discussion– Core/edge coupling, 2D neutrals

2:15        JC/JS               Discussion – Framework (Carlsson/Sachdev)

2:45        All                   Discussion - other topics

3:15                Adjourn